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Alaska has some beautiful sights as well as some of the longest winters you will ever experience. It can be very rewarding to find trucking jobs in Alaska, but you have to make some comparisons between the opportunities available.

Salary and Career Outlook

There are roughly 3000 people employed as professional drivers in the state.  Drivers in Alaska earn the highest average salary for drivers throughout the US at slightly over $50,000 per year.  Data from

There are many opportunities for you to take advantage of, allowing you to earn a living with ease. You can choose the industry you want to be involved in, including: fishery, agriculture, food and beverage manufacturing and general trucking. Explore the options to see which will provide you with the lifestyle you want before accepting a position.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates trucking to be a growing career field. 21 percent more jobs may be found throughout the country within the next 10 years, leading to more stability for you.

Important Laws and Regulations

Driving in Alaska is no joking matter. They will suspend your CDL if you obtain 12 points in a 12 month period and they will not reinstate due to hardships. It’s not hard to accumulate points, either. Many of the traffic violations result in 4 or 6 points, which means you could have your CDL suspended with just two tickets in a year.

You have to be cautious about too many points on your license, too, because it can stand in the way of employment. New employers and current employers alike will run your driving record to see what points you have on your license. There may even be a clause in your contract that can lead to termination if you obtain too many points.

You must adhere to federal DOT regulations when driving in Alaska. The DOT states how many hours you may drive consecutively (11) as well as the number of hours you can drive in a 7-day period (60). It is required that you submit DOT records in on a monthly basis.

Need your CDL License?  Find a Trucking School in Alaska.

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