General FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions that we receive. If you have a question about trucking careers, please see our Truck Driving Career Questions section. If you are still unable to locate an answer, feel free to send us your question by following this link: Contact Us

General Website Questions:

Q : I am a CDL truck driver looking for a job. Is there a cost for your service?
A : No. Our job finding service is free of charge and it is our mission to help you find a job.

Q : What trucking companies will receive my application?
A : Only the trucking companies you selected will receive your application. The trucking companies listed on the site set minimum requirements for applicants, as long as you meet their job requirements your application will make it to them.

Q : How is my information kept secure?
A : Our site is secure and we routinely have it scanned daily by McAfee. Your application is kept on a secure server because we take truck drivers personal information very seriously.

Q : How often can I submit my job application to trucking companies?
A : Once you submit your first application, your log in details will be sent to your registered email account. You can then log back in at any time and submit one application per visit. You can also manage your resume when you log back in as well.

Q : What if I forgot my username or password?
A : There is a password reset function on the login page that will send you your log in information to the registered email account. That can be accessed by following this link:

Q : It keeps asking me to enter in my username and password before I can continue? I am a new user, what do I do?
A : Just choose a new username and password. This will allow you to come back and submit more trucking job applications or review your resume and other account details.

Q : I have used other sites to look for a truck driving job but none of them have helped me land a career. What could the reasons be behind that?
A : Most trucking companies set up a certain criteria for the type of driver they are looking for. It more times than not has something to do with your driving record, class A, DAC or MVR. Other common reasons include past felonies, 3 or more moving violations in the last 5 years, 3 or more preventable accidents in the last 5 years, license suspension is less than 3 years old, a DUI or DWI within the last 5 years or more than 2 DUI or DWIs ever and of course truck abandonment within the last 5 years.

Q : I am new to the truck driving industry and have a Class A CDL license, but it seems like every trucking company wants a driver with experience. How can I gain experience behind the wheel?
A : Don’t fret, there are trucking companies out there that hire recent truck driving school graduates. Just make sure you mark that you are a student or note that you are a recent grad. We will then make sure we route your application to the appropriate companies.