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Finding Truck Driving Jobs in Nevada

Mining is a major industry in portions of Nevada outside the major cities of Las Vegas and Reno, including gold and silver mining. Cattle ranching is also a major economic activity in rural Nevada. Other agricultural products include hay, alfalfa, and dairy products. All of these products need to be transported within the state and elsewhere. Hence, a lively and important trucking industry exists in Nevada, and every kind of truck driving job can be found there. You can drive short distances via local routes, or long hauls as in Over The Road routes, or something in between. You can drive the same route every week, or vary your route with each load of cargo you carry. Different types of routes have different advantages and disadvantages, and it is a matter of finding the type of driving that fits you best. Whether you prefer a regular routine, or you crave adventure and a sense of freedom, there is a driving job that could be right for you!

Requirements for Driving in Nevada

The DMVNV oversees the granting of commercial driver’s licenses in Nevada. To apply, you must be at least 18 years of age, or over 21 to carry passengers or drive between states. You will need proof of identity and of your legal status in the United States, as well as proof that you are a resident of Nevada. You will need to provide a completed Medical Examiner’s Card. You will need a valid social security number. You will first need to get a permit to learn, for which you must pass vision and knowledge tests. After you have your permit, you can practice driving with a licensed driver next to you in the cab. You will specify whether you are applying for a Class A, B, or C license. When you are ready for your skills test, you will need to demonstrate that you can do an acceptable vehicle pre-trip inspection as well as demonstrate your skills on the road. If you are applying for any endorsements, you will be tested in those skills, as well. The majority of people who decide to get a CDL take classes to prepare for the required tests at a professional commercial driving school. Many are located throughout the state.

Building Your Nevada Driving Career

The Nevada Trucking Association is the voice for the trucking industry in the state of Nevada ( It is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of the trucking and bus industries. Sergio Lemus of Truline Corporation has been named Nevada Trucker of the Year. He has been a commercial truck driver for 37 years, and with Truline for 13 years. He has 37 years of accident free driving under his belt, and 5.25 million accident free miles. Congratulations to Sergio for excellence in truck driving!

Benefits of a Truck Driving Career

There are many dimensions to consider when choosing a career, and salary is certainly one of the major ones. Truck drivers in Nevada do well compared to the US average, earning $43,700 a year on average. Of course, some drivers do much better than that. This is a very livable salary in the state of Nevada, which has a lower cost of living than many other areas. Another dimension to look at is the benefits package different employers offer. Because they are competing for good drivers, employers try to make their benefits package attractive. Essentially all companies offer medical, dental, and vision, and some include a flexible health spending account. 401k retirement plans are usually offered, too, allowing you to safe for a secure future. Paid vacation, military and bereavement leave, are all frequent perks. At least one employer has a pet policy, allowing you to bring your dog with you on the job! And disability and life insurance policies, paid for by the company, are not uncommon.

Find a Carrier and Start Working!

It is up to you to take the first step to learn more about a career in truck driving. Why not contact some of the employers listed on this website to find out more about what it takes to make a career in truck driving a reality for you!ore than 70 hours in an 8 day period. Once you are off for 34 hours consecutively, your week will reset.

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