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The North Carolina economy has been transitioning from tobacco, textiles, and furniture-making to energy, engineering, biotechnology, and finance. There are several specific climate zones in North Carolina. The Atlantic Coastal Plain region is known for its moderate weather. The Piedmont section, more inland, has warmer summers and colder winters. The Appalachian Mountains are the coolest region of the state. If you’re ready to learn more about the job opportunities for truckers in North Carolina, contact the companies listed here to apply today!

Several types of trucking jobs are available in North Carolina. Most common are the OTR (Over The Road) jobs which take drivers long distances for 2 to 4 weeks at a time. These drivers then get to spend some downtime at home before going on the road for a number of weeks again. OTR jobs are the most abundantly available and may pay better than other types of trucking jobs. They offer a considerable amount of independence.

Regional driving jobs limit your driving to a particular region of the country and may afford you a more regular schedule, with regular routes and planned stops. Other regional trucking jobs involve driving different routes each week. Regional drivers get to go home more often than OTR drivers – every few days or weekly, is common. Drivers with family obligations may be attracted to regional driving jobs.

Finally local driving jobs allow drivers to return home every day. Their routes tend to be within the same geographic region, offer a specific city or metropolitan area, and they are typically in close proximity to home.

In order to qualify for a truck driving job in North Carolina, you must qualify for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) issued by the state.  CDLs are issued for three types and sizes of vehicles: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Obtaining a CDL requires that you pass exams and driving tests. Most drivers train at professional driving schools for their CDL.

Requirements for Truck Drivers in North Carolina

To obtain your CDL in North Carolina, you will need to bring in documentation of age and identity.  You will have to show a valid social security card and, if you are not a United States citizen, you must prove you have legal presence. You will also need to present proof of liability insurance. You will need to prove that you have a clear driving record. You may be asked to submit a completed medical report, and many companies require employees to carry a medical card. You will need to pass written and skills tests.

Make the Most of Your North Carolina Trucking Career

Truckers in the state of North Carolina frequently join the North Carolina Trucking Association which works to protect the interests of North Carolina’s trucking industry by working with state and federal regulatory and enforcement agencies. They are also involved in providing education, training, and information, and promoting a safe, dependable and cost-effective motor transportation infrastructure. In 2013, the trucking industry in North Carolina provided 193,550 jobs, or one out of 17 in the state. Over 86 percent of North Carolina’s communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods.

Benefits of North Carolina Truck Driving Careers

Professional truck drivers are at the heart of the trucking industry. Thus, they are able to enjoy exceptional wages and benefits. The median yearly wage for truck drivers in North Carolina is $37, 500, compared to a US median of $38,700.  Cost of living in North Carolina is generally quite moderate, making it possible to enjoy a good standard of living. Some kinds of trucking jobs, like hauling of hazardous materials, can bring even higher pay. Most companies offer generous benefits including medical and dental insurance and vision benefits, often after only one month of employment. Flexible medical spending accounts are another frequently-offered perk. The amount of paid vacation time is based on the number of years of service to a specific company. Most employers offer 401k retirement plans, sometimes contributing matching funds up to a certain percentage. Paid military leave and jury duty service are also common benefits.

Find a North Carolina Trucking Job Now

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Browse our list of Truck Driving Schools in North Carolina that wil get you trained and driving in a short amount of time.

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