LB&B Associates Inc.

LB&B Associates Inc. is a diversified services company operating in over twenty states, the District of Columbia, and Supporting NATO.

From our beginnings as a two-person organization in 1992, we have grown to comprise over 1,300 associates providing a broad range of services to an equally broad range of clients. These clients include federal and state governments, commercial businesses, the military, hospitals, churches, research centers, and educational facilities.

Our Warehouse & Distribution Division provides key backup to complex and multi-level storage, distribution, inventory and management needs. At any time, we have available for our clients' use the following benefits:

* Transportation & Distribution Services
* Publications Warehousing & Distribution
* Automated Ordering Systems
* Warehouse Security
* Inventory Control
* Accounting
* Warehousing and supply services are our specialty
* International Freight Forwarding
* Computer Automation