Truck Motor Lines

• Pay: We pay in the upper 5 percent of the truckload industry both from a CPM and W2 perspective.
• Miles: Our people get miles. Pay is nothing without miles behind it. In a time when most carriers are down, we are up over last year from both a total mileage and miles per driver standpoint.
• Individualized Orientation: You will find the  Orientation Experience much different from that of other carriers. We individualize Orientation to meet your needs. No sitting for long days in a classroom waiting to get your tractor assignment. We get you on your way to making money for you and your family faster. 
• Open doors: We prefer face-to-face interaction. We have no barriers for drivers to speak to their Fleet Leader through. Our leadership team from the CEO down answers the phone and enjoys talking with our people.
• Safety: We value safety. The individuals who drive our trucks have been empowered to have the final say in whether or not it’s safe to drive. Also, being a test state for CSA2010 we have an excellent understanding of the new measurement rules and are able to help driving personnel understand their score and, in some cases can help them improve their score. 
• Technology: We invest heavily in technology. Voice mail for all drivers, new MCP200 Qualcomm that has navigation, internet, e-mail, in cab scanning, e-logging and text to speech, are all currently being installed on our equipment.