Learn First Aid - Places to get Training and What to Know

When a person spends long hours on the road, they are more likely to come across an emergency situation. Car accidents, heat-related illnesses and pedestrian injuries are just a few of the emergency situations that a professional driver may come across in their line of work. For this reason, it is important for truck drivers to receive training in first aid and CPR procedures so that they will be able to handle these types of situations. Because no one knows when an emergency may occur, being prepared to act as a first responder could make the difference in being able to save a person’s life.

Important First Aid Skills

Most people are familiar with CPR as a primary method for saving lives. During CPR, a first responder helps an injured person’s body to maintain circulation and respiration until emergency care services can arrive on the scene. They may apply chest compressions or mouth-to-mouth breathing as the person’s situation necessitates. Due to the importance of CPR in saving lives, many jobs now require for people to become certified in this technique. However, it is an important skill for anyone to know when they are on the road as car accidents are one of the primary causes of serious injury in people.

In addition to CPR, it is important to know other first aid techniques for handling a roadside crisis. For example, extreme temperatures can often cause a person to be overcome by heat or cold. Therefore, it is important to know how to handle a person who may be succumbing to heat stroke or shock. Diabetic emergencies can also arise leading to a need to know how to identify and help a person through a health crisis. Finally, knowing how to perform simple procedures such as applying a tourniquet or helping someone with a head injury can be vital for someone to know when they come across a major traffic accident.

Where to Find Training

There are several different resources through which a person can obtain training in first aid. First, many workplaces offer first aid programs as a required course of their training programs. These jobs are generally in the health or care giving fields. Additionally, many local hospitals offer first aid and CPR courses that can be taken for only a small fee. Many times, a person can also find training classes through local community service organizations that are low-cost or free. For the busy professional driver, online courses can also be helpful for learning first aid. Many online courses offer videos and interactive sessions that can allow a person to visualize the procedures.

By learning first aid, a professional driver will be prepared to handle any situation. Because learning first aid is usually a hands-on experience, it is recommended that a person should practice their skills often so that they will be automatic in the case of an emergency. Additionally, a person who may have had first aid training in the past may need to take a refresher course in order to stay current on the latest techniques. The more people out on the road who are prepared to stop and render aid in an emergency, then the safer everyone will be when others take the time to learn a skill that can help to save a life.

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