3 Different Viewpoints on Women in Trucking

As in many industries dominated by men, women must deal with incredible stereotypes and thoughts in the trucking industry. The idea of women in trucking is nothing new, as women have been driving trucks for decades. Just like the men, they drive cross-country, moving materials and meeting driving deadlines.

There are plenty of different ways that women can be involved in trucking. Some women actually drive trucks, while some women ride with their husbands who drive trucks. Many tend to forget about the women who are left home by male truckers. There are three different viewpoints to consider when thinking about women in trucking.

Women Driving Trucks

The idea of women in trucking should not be surprising to anyone, with plenty of women driving across the country every day. Some of these women truckers are day drivers, while others are OTR drivers that could be away from home for weeks at a time. These women truckers should not expect to be treated any differently on the roads or at the rest stops. Women are seen as equals in the industry, earning respect among their fellow truck drivers for their strong work ethic and their ability to drive.

Women Riding With Truckers

When people think about women truckers, they tend to think about women who are actually driving the trucks. There are some Trucker’s wives that ride along with their husbands, keeping them company and keeping their relationships strong. Women riding with truckers do not have any actual job with the truck driving company, and are simply allowed in the truck to stay close with their significant other. This is a great help to many families and relationships, as it helps to keep couples close during long trucking trips that may take a few weeks of time.

Women Staying Home While Their Husband Drives

Trucker’s wives often have to stay behind because of their own jobs or the families that they have to stay behind and raise. People tend to forget about these trucker’s wives because they are not considered “women truckers”. These women are still women in trucking, as they are still dealing with the career, even if they are not actually in the truck or driving the truck. These women often have the hardest career to deal with, as a member of their family is gone for an extended period of time.

It is important for all to understand that women are just as important as men in the trucking industry. Women are often counted on to move products from point A to B, or may stick with their husbands as they travel across the country. Any woman looking to get into trucking should know that women truckers do exist, and that they are an integral part of the national trucking industry.


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        I really apreciate what You say about wives who ride along . Thank You

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