Alaska Owner Operator Trucking

Many have been introduced to the life of trucking in Alaska through The History Channel’s series: Ice Road Truckers.  The show takes a candid look at the harsh realities of truck driving in these harsh conditions.  So what does it really take to be an owner operator or company truck driver in Alaska?

The first and most obvious requirement is to have a valid CDL.  CDL requirements in Alaska are like most other states, attend school, pass your tests, pass your physical, and pay your license fees.  You may also want to obtain particular endorsements depending on the type of cargo/driving you will be doing.

The second requirement depends in whether or not you want to drive the famed “Ice Roads”.  Ice Roads are made on the ice of frozen lakes, and it can be a very hazardous job. 

Specific training beyond the certified CDL requirement is needed if you want to be an Ice Road truck driver or Alaska owner operator.   Ice road training programs are based on driver experience.  Experienced drivers may attend school for 1 to 2 weeks.  Drivers with less experience may attend school for 1 or 2 months.  Training is held in Yellowknife, Canada.


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