CSA 2010 Maintenance Issues

The CSA 2010 has a definite emphasis on running commercial vehicles safely and well maintained.  There are a few major maintenance issues that pose the most significant threat for CSA 2010 non-compliance for trucking companies and owner operators.

Lighting & wiring

Tractor and trailer lighting issues are the top area that can bring about compliance issues.  It is essential that all lighting on your entire vehicle be fully functional at all times.  Your pre-trip inspection should notate any non-working lighting and have it repaired before your trip.


Brake function is an extremely important factor for CSA 2010.  Braking systems that do not function properly must be addressed before the vehicle is driven on the road.


Tires should be inspected daily and replaced before they pose a significant safety threat.  Inspection should include tread wear and damage to the tire.  Remember, tire damage plays just as important a role as tread depth.

Attending to these 3 crucial areas should help to improve CSA 2010 scores and keep your truck running legal.


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