Equipment Selection for Owner Operators

Part 3: Equipment selections for owner operators

Equipment is the lifeblood of an owner operator business.  It is important to match your truck to the way you drive and the area you serve.  For example, are you going to run mostly local routes?  If so, then you may not want to pay extra for that sleeper compartment.  Fuel economy will also play an important role in your decision.  A truck that save one quarter gallon per mile will add up to big savings at the end of the year.

When buying a truck consider:
• Age of truck
• Miles
• Amenities/Extras
• Your area of operation

Make a list of these items and prioritize what is important to you.  For example – is having all of the latest bells and whistles very important to you?  Can you really afford those features now, or should you go without, and plan for them in your next truck?

Take a look at your past driving habits and assume you will drive much the same way into the future.  Making a wise choice now may save you trouble in your owner operator career.

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