HazMat Endorsement for your CDL

Having a valid HazMat endorsement can open up new truck driving jobs and new loads for both company drivers and owner operators.  Here are the steps to obtain your HazMat endorsement.

Step 1 – Take the test.  Your state will have a test for HazMat endorsement that you must pass.  The test is generally administered through your state department of transportation or motor vehicles.

Step 2 –Make sure your Commercial Drivers License is up to date. You can't get a HazMat endorsement without your CDL.

Step 3 – Get clearance from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). According to federal law, no state is permitted to issue a HazMat endorsement on a CDL until a threat assessment has been performed for the driver. The application includes questions to prove your identity, legal residence status and a current CDL.

Step 4 – Submit your fingerprints for an FBI background check. Check with your local DMV office on their requirements for background checks in your area.

Step 5 – Pay the HazMat endorsement fees.  In addition to state fees, the TSA fees are an additional $100 to process your checks and paperwork.

Step 6 – Maintain clean record.   You ineligible for a HazMat endorsement for if you've been convicted of a serious crime in the past seven years, or been released from prison in the past five years.

Step 7 – Appeal if denied. If you are denied because of the federal investigation, you have 60 days to request an appeal of the ruling.  A denial only keeps you from getting the HazMat endorsement, it does not affect your regular CDL.


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