Overview of CSA 2010

The new Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010) program is a federal government program targeted at reducing the number of crashes involving commercial vehicles.  The program will be in effect nationwide in December 2010.

So, what is involved in this new program and how will it affect truck drivers and owner operators?

The new program is based on 3 key elements: Measurement, Evaluation, and Intervention.

The Measurement portion involves increasing and improving the data that is used to measure a driver’s safety performance.  The measurement depends on the frequency, severity, and how recent the violation was.   A small violation that only happened one time many years ago will not count very heavily.  Repeated violations or major violations will count substantially more.  Areas being measured include: 

• Unsafe Driving (Speeding, reckless driving, improper lane change, etc.)
• Fatigued Driving (Hours-of-Service violations)
• Driver Fitness (Having the proper CDL, endorsements, and a valid medical card)
• Controlled Substances/Alcohol
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Cargo Violations — Failure to properly secure and maintain cargo
• Crash Indicator

The Evaluation portion refers to how to address safety violations with the particular carrier.  There are a variety of elements that will determine how the carrier is addressed according to the violation.

The Intervention portion of the rule refers to specifically how the carrier will be addressed.  Interventions may include a warning letter (for minor infractions defined in the measurement portion) to placing the carrier out of service for major violations.

Carriers have the opportunity Until November 2010 to preview their data through the CSA website.

The effect on truck drivers and owner operators is to increase the amount of data used to judge their safety performance.  For example, minor violations in the past may have been viewed as an isolated instance.  The new CSA rules will take all of those violations into account, potentially leading to more out of service orders for drivers.

The ultimate goal of the new program is to drastically improve safety on our nation’s roads for both commercial and non-commercial drivers.


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