Owner Operator Personality Traits

This article series covers the transition from a company driver to a successful owner operator with your own trucking company.  There are a variety of factors to consider when looking into an owner operator arrangement instead of a company truck driving job.  These considerations include personal, financial, equipment, and business decisions.

Clearly understanding and assessing your situation will dramatically improve your chances for a successful owner operator business.  Not considering these factors could result in a difficult situation for you both personally and financially.

Part 1: Assessing your personality as an owner operator

Owning your own business is much different from working for a company, no matter the industry.  Commercial trucking is no different.  As an independent owner operator, you will be entirely responsible for the success of your business.  As an owner operator, you must be ready to maximize driving time and loads.  Here are some questions to see how your personal work preferences may fit into an owner operator situation.

• Do you like to run as hard as you can to maximize income?
• Does being away from home for long periods really bother you?
• Are other family members against making sacrifices for your business?
• Is driving for the next 4 to 8 years your career goal?
• Do you have major health factors that may cause you to not be able to drive in the near future?
• Are your benefits, like health insurance, tied to your job?

The more “Yes” answers you responded to the above questions, the more difficult it may be for you to be an owner operator.  Owning your business will require you to work very hard and make sacrifices for the success of your business.  If you prefer the support of a company to lessen these stresses, it may be more beneficial to continue as a company driver.

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Hey Dave. This has auatclly been around for a long time. When the economy gets really tough like it’s been the past few years you’ll see an increase in how hard companies push for lease drivers. So there’s been a pretty big emphasis on this the past few years. And almost any company that has a lease program will allow drivers to lease either straight out of school, or within 6 months or so. In my opinion, pushing someone to become a lease driver straight out of school is a blatantly dirty tactic because they know a ton of brand new drivers are not going to make it as lease drivers. It’s a blatant attempt to turn a profit off of your own employee’s misfortune. It’s frustrating to see. Definitely stay away from leasing or buying a truck.

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