Preparing for CSA 2010

Many trucking companies, truck drivers, and independent owner operators have heard about the new CSA 2010 rules.  However, a good many trucking companies are still unclear of exactly how the rules will affect their daily operations.

On December 5th, 2010 CSA 2010 scores for trucking companies will be published to the general public.  These new scores will be used by everyone from insurance companies to potential customers to evaluate trucking companies.  Preparing for this change is extremely important to make sure your operations run smoothly.

The CSA 2010 rules are more comprehensive than previous SafeStat system.  For trucking companies, this means potential customers and insurance carriers will see additional violations beyond just Out of Service orders.  For many trucking companies, this will increase their violations by as much as 70 percent.

How can you best prepare for this change?

  • The first step is to check preview your CSA 2010 profile.  Your profile may be viewed at the CSA 2010 website.  Knowing what is on the report will help you to know if items need to be addressed.  You should also note any items that are incorrect.  The FMCSA has provided a process to dispute the data on your report, which is important to do with inaccurate CSA 2010 data.
  • It is also very important to improve deficiencies on the report.  Working to correct deficiencies will help improve your overall CSA 2010 score.  Carriers will also receive letters from the FMCSA requiring an outline of the steps they are taking to correct deficiencies in their scores.
  • Company policy changes and education will also help improve your CSA 2010 score.  Properly training your drivers on how to maintain a good score and the important role this plays in your company is essential.  Safety policies have also proven to be an effective method to educate and require drivers to operate in a safe manner.  The more drivers that operate in a safe manner, the higher the CSA 2010 score.\
  • If you plan on hiring truck drivers, conduct a pre-employment screening to determine how they may affect your CSA 2010 score.  You may visit the Pre-Employment Screening site for more information.

The new CSA 2010 rulings are a definite change in the trucking industry.  It is important for trucking companies, company drivers, and owner operators to proactively work to improve and maintain a clean score.


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