Technology Trends for Trucking Companies

Advanced technology is fast becoming standard practice in the trucking industry for many trucking companies and truck drivers.  This technology can help improve tracking, improve driving safety for drivers, and better track logistics.

Some of the most recent technology trends for the trucking industry include:

1. Increased Reliance on Web-based technologies.  Many companies are now integrating more features in web-based applications to integrate with their clients and drivers.

2. Better integration of tracking systems.  Hiring trucking companies are now relying more heavily on software that tracks much more than just accounting.  The newest systems integrate load management, route planning, and reduced backtracking.

3. Customer demand for real-time tracking and instant quotes.  Shipping customers now expect to know exactly where their shipment is at all times and exactly how much the freight bill will be.

4. Continually improving data disaster recovery and security systems.  Trucking companies realize the importance that is placed on their data systems.  Most companies have continually evolving systems to protect this important resource.

5. All of the above mentioned systems are being integrated into one global, real-time system.  Integrating these systems into one system provides the same information to everyone, all at the same time.


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