Truck Driver Statistics

Truck driving is a unique career that draws all types of new drivers to join the industry.  Drivers of all ages, locations, and backgrounds can be found behind the wheel of the largest vehicles on the road and working for a variety of trucking companies.  The results below are from a recent survey of approximately 1200 drivers.

Sometimes people assume that those working in truck driving jobs come from the southern states and the Midwest, and while it is true that 50 % of truck drivers come from these two areas, drivers these days come from all over the United States. A recent survey of over twelve hundred new drivers showed that ten percent of drivers entering the industry were from the South West, while over 25 percent were from the North East and North West regions of the United States. Drivers these days are entering the trucking industry from all areas of the country.

There is a vast spread of ages for truck drivers as well. Twenty percent of new truck drivers are now between the ages of 22 and 30. Also, over 40 percent of rookie truck drivers are over the age of 40, which means that people are joining the trucking industry regardless of age. A rookie driver could just as easily be a 20 year old kid or a grandfather of four.

While about a third of families today are unsure about their loved one's decision to join the trucking industry, it turns out that most, around 50% of families, are fully supportive of a decision to join the industry.

Some people may wonder what the hardest part of getting into the trucking industry is. Almost 50% of new and rookie truck drivers say that the hardest aspect of getting started was making sure that they were making the right choice for their lives and their families. After deciding whether the right life choice has been made, the actual hardest part about joining the industry is getting financial arrangements in place before going to school and starting, and actually choosing the best company to work for. Finding a good school to earn a CDL at doesn't seem to be an issue for most people, while choosing a company out of all the available companies in business is actually quite difficult.

While trying to find information about the trucking industry through online resources, most new truckers say that they have been able to easily locate some or most of the information they were looking for. With new technologies and everyone using the internet, knowledge about the trucking industry is more accessible that it used to be. Anyone trying to join the trucking industry should have a pretty easy time locating any information they could need.

When it comes to rating the difficulties encountered while trying to enter the trucking industry, on a scale of 1-10, the majority of drivers rate their experience between 3 and 7, with a full 30 percent rating their experience and even 5. Very few people actually felt like their experience was extremely difficult. All in all most people joining the trucking industry today find the experience easy and enjoyable.

Trucking is a rewarding and enjoyable career that thousands of new truck drivers join each year.  You may find links to new job opportunities on our site, or try our sister website to find CDL Training at a location near you.

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I would like some information but cannot find it on the Web. I would like to know which trucking companies have the greatest percentage of employee turnover? The greatest percentage of accidents? The most DOT shut downs? I would like to research and change jobs once and for all rather than job hop for trial and error but I cannot find a link which gives information on companies other than revenues. Please send me something to my email address.

Rob of Arlington at yahoo dot com.

I found myself nodding my ngogin all the way through.

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