Trucker Safety

Driving a truck for long periods of time not only results in fatigue, but may present specific risks to overall health and safety.  Whether you are an owner operator or a company truck driver, there are many ways you may reduce the chance if injury.

Take Breaks to Move Around Outside the Truck
Taking the time to move around helps in a variety of ways.  Moving improves blood circulation, changes body position, and relieves pressure points caused by sitting in one positions for long periods of time.

Wear Comfortable Clothing
Loose, comfortable clothing and footwear can improve blood circulation and reduce distractions while driving.

Make Sure the Layout of Your Truck is Comfortable
The configuration of the instrument panel and cab insulation can reduce strain on your body and improve concentration on driving.  Spend the time to position your seat and other moveable items in a configuration that is most comfortable for you.

Never Jump from the Cab to the Ground
Jumping down from your truck causes strain on the body and increases the likelihood of injury.  Jumping after sitting can cause a tremendous amount of strain on the lower extremities and back.

Be Careful When Handling Loads
Heavy loads are a potential cause for serious injury for many truck drivers.  Use lifting equipment or assistance from another when lifting heavy loads.

Watch Your Step
The variety of weather conditions you encounter poses specific safety risks.  Watch the ground for slippery conditions including snow, ice, and oil that may cause you to slip.

Stop When You are Tired
Some accidents may be possibly avoided if truck drivers are rested.  Learn your personal signs of fatigue and make sure you rest as needed.


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I am 53 and married. I drove for 6 yrs back in the ’90s and now I want to drive again for 2 or 3 years to get out of debt. My wife understands what the transition will entail. I’m being very picky and doing my research for a company to work for. Is there any other info you could give? Thanks.

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