What Makes a CSA 2010 Qualified Driver?

What Makes a “Qualified Driver”?


The new CSA 2010 rules define a variety measurements and rules that all trucking companies, company truck drivers, and owner operators will need to abide by in order to stay running legally.  The term “qualified driver” is often used throughout the rules, but what does this really mean?

First, a qualified driver will have a good score according to the BASICS criteria.  BASICS is the new measuring tool in CSA 2010 that combines many different aspects to compromise a composite score.  The aspects scored include everything from unsafe driving to vehicle maintenance to accidents.  Drivers with good clean scores will be increasingly in demand as the CSA 2010 rules are rolled out.

Secondly, a well qualified driver will have work experience.  The new Pre-Employment screening process will allow trucking companies to look back over the last 5 years of a driver’s record.  The more clean information there is in the record, the more qualified you will be considered to be.

Drivers considered well qualified may earn higher wages, have better job security, and better choice of regional or local routes.


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Great post. Hope you have lots of them. There are many tekcurrs who are PROFESSIONAL out there,but we are overlooked. When I started my career years ago, I told people I had a hobby because that is how much fun I had with the job. Not many can say that.

Why is it that arefusal to take a breathalizer viewed as a dui when there was no dui conviction?

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