2011 National Truck Driving Championships

On August 9th, 2011, over 400 top professional truck drivers from across the nation will be heading to Orange Country Convention center in Orlando, Florida. This is the site for this years National Truck Driving Championship (NTDC) and National Step Van Driving Championship (NSVDC). Unlike most vehicle based competitions, this one, sponsored by the American Trucking Association, is based entirely on safety, earning it the moniker the “Super Bowl of Safety” among enthusiasts and participants.

Participants in the competition are the state champions for each class of competition. These eight distinct participation classes include: 18-wheeled five-axle sleepers, tank trucks, twin trailer, and straight trucks, with an affiliated competition for step vans. Additionally, the 19th annual North American Inspectors Championship will once again take place side-by-side with Championship in the convention center.

The competition will last for a total of four days, during which time the drivers knowledge of safety, equipment, and industry standards will be challenged, alongside of course a measurement of their overall driving skills. The competition course are designed to duplicate real world driving conditions, including such items as: a scales stop, a right and left turn, parallel parking course, an alley dock, and driving a straight line through diminishing clearance. Five of the classes will compete on Thursday, while the three remaining classes and step vans will face their obstacle course on Friday.

At the end of the competition on Saturday, August 13, it will have crowned a new National Grand Champion professional truck driver, as well as individual champions in each class. In addition, each state will also be competing as a team, in hopes of winning the overall state championship portion of the competition.

The official American Truck Driving Championship and National Step Van Driving Championship is an exciting event, drawing only the best professional truck drivers from around the nation to compete. Overall attendance for the weekend usually hovers around an average of 2,000 screaming fans, co-workers, and family members. Additionally, this year will also feature Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC sponsoring their Bendix National Truck Driving Championship Grand Champion Award, increasing the overall prestige and industry acknowledgement of the event.


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