Aeroefficient Takes Home Top Prize For Side Fairings

One of the leading companies for trucking improvements was recently given a prestigious award.  Aeroefficient, which manufacturers a wide range of aerodynamic devices, saw its Side Skirts honored by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine with inclusion in their list of the “Top 20 Products of 2011”.

The award was announced at 2012's Annual Technology & Maintenance Council Meeting, held by the American Trucking Association. Aerodynamic devices help trucks improve airflow around the vehicle, and reduce air resistance that increases fuel usage. Hundreds of different products designed to improve the truck driving industry were reviewed to create the list. The list was compiled by a team that included editors from the magazine, fleet maintenance veterans and special Truck Fleet Innovators. All of the items were tested in real life situations to ensure they lived up to their efficiency and durability claims.

Aeroefficient's Side Skirts made it into the Top 20 by offering true innovation, addressing a crucial issue affecting trucking companies and improvements to the bottom line for users. These side fairings utilize automotive-grade materials that will not crack under temperature fluctuations. The skirts are split into three hinged panels, allowing them to move without breaking over banks of snow or loading docks. The strength of the thermoplastic also makes these additions incredibly tough and durable. Other fairings are made of metal for durability, but the tough plastic used for this product drastically reduce their weight.

The company took input from a wide range of trucking companies during the design phase. Real world experience helped them manufacture something truly useful to modern trucking companies. Increasing the aerodynamic functions of heavy duty trucks saves money on fuel, allowing companies to create more truck driving jobs. Aeroefficient is also working on fairings to cover the gap in the front of the trailer and rear skirts that collapse for easy docking. All of the plastic aerodynamic products currently produced by the company are fully recyclable. They install quickly and need little maintenance, unlike some other aerodynamic products that require weekly adjustments.

These special Side Skirts are also appealing to single owner-operators, whether they are veterans or new to truck driving jobs. Installing just the side fairings can produce a 5% drop in fuel usage, according to testing by the Environmental Protection Agency. Spending 5% less on fuel makes a big difference to both individuals and truck driving companies. Increasing aerodynamics and fuel efficiency will help the transportation industry deal with fluctuations in fuel prices without losing profits.

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