ATA Data Finds Trucking Industry is Safer Than Ever

The most recent data from the ATA concludes the trucking industry is safer than ever.

  • Fatalities involving a truck fell to 1.17 per 100 million miles in 2009
  • This is a decrease of 14.1% over the fatality rate involving trucks in 2008
  • 3380 fatalities involving a truck occurred in 2009, down from 4245 in 2008

“These improvements are a testament to the commitment to safety made by the trucking industry, the federal government, and trucking’s law enforcement partners” ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said.

The ATA supports many safety initiatives, including supporting government programs that will reduce the overall accidents and number of fatalities involving heavy trucks.  This includes both safety regulation and other monetary incentives to improve safety at trucking companies.

This improvement in safety is also directly attributed to the implementation of new safety equipment and the commitment to safe driving that has been demonstrated by many trucking companies.

“Our training programs are fashioned, and our safety technologies are purchased with the goal in mind of taking new, inexperienced people and making them excellent, safety conscious drivers” Stated C.R. England President and Chairman of the Board Dan England. 

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