ATA Does Not Support Detention Legislation

The ATA (American Trucking Associations) has announced they will not support detention time regulation by the federal government.  Instead, they have taken the stance that this is an issue to be negotiated between trucking companies and shippers.

Regulation of detention time is supported by the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee of the FMCSA, and other trucking organizations such as OOIDA.  Current legislation is being considered that would allow federal regulators to mandate the amount of time a driver can be detained at a shipping facility when waiting to load or unload.  The stance of the FMCSA is that excessive detainment can lead to drivers breaking Hours of Service rules, therefore leading to unsafe conditions on the roads.

In a recent statement, Bill Graves stated: "ATA and its members value the time of our drivers.  However, federal intervention into this area would have significant impacts on the contractual agreements between carriers and shippers."

Barbara Windsor, president and CEO of Hahn Transportation stated "Federal regulation in this area would directly affect shipping rates and would significantly change the playing field for carriers and shippers."

It is yet to be seen of this bill will be approved, or what the detention time regulations may look like.

The ATA website contains further information about their position.


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