The ATA Good Stuff Award Recipients

Early this month the American Trucking Associations (ATA) held its annual Management Conference and Exhibition in Grapevine, Texas. Here they announced the four winners of the fifth annual Mike Russell “Good Stuff” Trucking Award, named for the late Mike Russell, a media official and Vice President of public affairs for American Trucking Associations. Mike supported the trucking industry and helped to advance the campaign, “Good stuff. Trucks Bring It.” ATA President and CEO Bill Graves stated, “These award recipients have gone above and beyond to promote trucking’s role as the backbone of the American economy. They are all dedicated to enhancing the industry’s image.”

The Tennessee Trucking Associations (TTA) is working to change the public’s opinion of trucks as obstacles to their daily lives, and instead, as an integral part of it. They speak with the media, law makers, citizens and organizations to ensure that trucking is represented in state-wide policy making. TTA spearheaded a relationship with the Tennessee Department of Safety through ten yearly roadside safety inspections and education on highway safety through the Tennessee Road Team. Additionally, they are involved with communities through their Big Rigs for Little Kids charity funding events.

Mack Trucks had the recent opportunity to enhance trucking’s image and quality assurance through the television show, Undercover Boss. Mack demonstrated its contributions to the communities of Maryland through its service to the Bethesda Fisher House, Skills USA and transporting a mock space shuttle to Cape Canaveral, Florida. As a sponsor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and Share the Road programs, Mack firmly establishes its commitment to trucking safety.

Baylor Trucking concentrates its efforts on educating the public and its communities about the safety of trucking and how critical trucking is to everyday life. It has partnered with the Susan G. Komen foundation by detailing five of its trailer exteriors with the foundation’s colors, logo and the slogan, “Driving for a Cure.” Baylor is using the social media platform to reach the public on a broader level in order to promote its drivers and their safety records. It also participates in National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

The Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA) initiated a campaign triple play to promote the positive image of its membership. MTA used a state-wide shutdown to bring attention to trucking’s positive influence on the community. It effectively neutralized negative media coverage by strategically featuring safety events. It also aggressively promoted ongoing, positive media reporting to benefit the association and all of its members. MTA set the bar for image training when its Image Task Force crafted an Image Idea Guide to be used in every member’s company for employee education.

Without the trucking industry, we would not have the necessary goods and merchandise that are part of our everyday lives. Through the commitment of trucking companies across the nation, the “Trucks Bring It” campaign is working. For branding kits and educational merchandise, or to learn how to get involved, visit!

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