Bi-Partisan Lawmakers Oppose Mexico Trucking Plan

A new group consisting of both Democrats and Republicans has called for the dismissal of the cross border trucking agreement recently reached with Mexico.

TSImage-57340686The group is headed by Representatives Duncan Hunter and Daniel Lipinski.  Their efforts include drafting a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood urging the dismissal of the program, citing concerns over safety, funding Electronic On-Board Recorders for Mexican trucks, and national security.  The letter has been signed by 34 lawmakers from both political parties, and will be delivered to Secretary LaHood this week.

“The cross-border trucking program clearly puts foreign interests above our own,” Representative Hunter stated. “It’s bad for the American economy. It’s bad for American truckers and the entire commercial trucking industry.”

Under current regulations, trucks from Mexico may operate within 25 miles of the US-Mexico border.  After 25 miles, the load must be transported by an American based company.  Under the new agreement, trucks that have undergone the proper licensing and probationary periods would be free to operate within the United States.

It is yet to be seen if this latest effort will have any effect on the cross border trucking program.


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