Cars Cause Most Accidents

A tragic accident involving multiple trucks, cars, and fatalities that took place on the I-75 outside of Gainesville, Florida, last week has once again brought into question the driving habits of both truck drivers and car drivers. While many drivers of regular automobiles believe that truck drivers are the most dangerous things on the road, the truck drivers insist that it is the other way around.

The statistics are behind the truck drivers. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety performed a national study in 2002 to determine once and for all which of the two was more dangerous on the road, cars or trucks. The study found that in the overwhelming majority of fatal accidents where both trucks and cars were involved, the drivers of the smaller automobiles were the ones at fault.

Trucking companies are clamoring for more courtesy toward their drivers and perhaps even more education for car drivers. Trucking companies and trucking veterans both assert that if the regular driving public were even minimally educated about trucks and their limitations, the nation’s accident rate would fall sharply.

Although there are certainly a few discourteous truck drivers on the road, according to the trucking community, the vast majority are professionals and drive like it. Before receiving the commercial driver’s license required for driving a truck, potential drivers must first pass a rigorous driving skills test designed specifically for the type of truck they wish to drive. Many trucking companies put their truck drivers through comprehensive safety courses at often as twice a year, and safety tips and reminders are sent out internally on a regular basis.

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