Celedon Trucking Wins Award

Celedon Trucking Services wins Alcoa’s Van Carrier of the Year award.

The award is given in recognition for top performance by trucking companies.  To win the award, trucking companies must excel in a variety of different measurement categories. Each category is designed to highlight a critical aspect of the trucking business.

“We are genuinely excited to win Alcoa’s Carrier of the Year award,” said Paul Will, Celadon vice chairman, president and COO. “Having achieved and maintained Core Carrier status with Alcoa since the program’s inception in 2006, we set our sights even higher this year. This award should clearly demonstrate to our entire team the premium service level we can achieve with hard work, persistence, and dedication. We are very proud to win this award and we look forward to continuing our growth and strengthening our partnership with Alcoa in the coming years.”

Interested in working for Celedon?  Click here to apply!

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