Diesel Fuel Prices Continue to Climb

Diesel fuel prices continue to climb throughout the country.

The national average price per gallon increased $.027 per gallon.  California continues to lead the nation in average price per gallon at $4.44, which is 8.2% above the national average of $4.10 per gallon for diesel fuel.

In contrast to these increases, crude oil is experiencing a recent decrease in price per barrel, falling to just over $107 a barrel.

Many trucking companies and individual owner operators are taking immediate measures to combat the increases in fuel prices.  Some of these measures include slowing down trucks, increased fuel surcharges, and an increase in the overall shipping fees they charge.


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This is what happens when the FED goes on printing money without restriction. All that cash is now flooding into the commodities markets and the oil prices and gold prices with skyrocket. This dynamic will net stop unless there is a drastic change in policies aimed at propping up the stock market. This insanity will lead to very serious problems down the line.

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