Gas Price Update

The past 10 days have seen a stabilization of average gas prices in the US.  The current US average is hovering around $3.54 per gallon.

After a highly volatile February and beginning of March, gas prices have remained relatively stable, fluctuating between $3.52 and $3.54 per gallon US average.  Any stability in gas prices is welcome to those in the trucking industry, where gas makes up a large percentage of daily operating costs.

For trucking companies and owner operators, reducing fuel consumption is essential during time of high fuel prices.  Here are some easy and simple ways to reduce your fuel consumption and cost:

  • Reduce your idle time – if your rig does not have one, consider installing an auxiliary power unit for your power need while stopped.
  • Drive a steady and consistent speed – starts, stops, and accelerations burn more fuel.  Use your cruise control as much as possible.
  • Use online apps to find the lowest cost fuel in your area – even a penny per gallon can add up quick.

These simple tips could add up to big savings on yoru monthly fuel expenses.  If you are looking for further fuel savings, new technology such as side skirts for trailers can improve fuel efficiency greatly.


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