The Great American Trucking Show

The Great American Trucking Show, to be held at the Dallas Convention Center from Thursday, August 25 through Saturday, August 27, 2011. The show provides owners of trucking firms and drivers with the opportunity to see the latest innovations in big rigs and accessories. Owners and company drivers can register for numerous prizes, attend educational seminars and be entertained at several venues within the convention center. A beauty contest will also be held at the show.

Truck manufacturers will be in attendance to show their wares. Freightliner will be there showing off a truck which, being silenced through the use of electronic sonar technology, now rides like a luxury car. Peterbilt will display their new traditionally designed truck with aerodynamic styling. The Kenworth T700 was named the 2011 Heavy Duty Commercial Truck of the Year by the American Truck Dealers, and they will be bragging about it as they also show off their PACCAR engine. Mack Trucks will proudly display a portion of their broad selection of beautiful beasts. Every major manufacturer will be on hand to show their latest equipment.

Representatives will be on the convention floor to answer any questions about Cummins, Detroit Diesel or Navistar. The show will be an excellent opportunity to meet and talk with manufacturers and distributors of products that are generally only seen online or in trade magazines. Bully Dog, Bose and Winegard Company will be among the large number of companies in attendance. Attendees will be able to learn from the manufacturers of additives how to improve the performance of an engine, or listen to Hankook or other tire makers as they talk about which tire performs best under various road and load conditions. Even companies with products to increase the beauty of your truck with chrome wheels, mirrors, and splash guards will be well represented at the show.

IdleAir will also sponsor a recruitment pavilion where fleets from throughout the nation will compete for drivers’ services. If for no other reason, drivers should attend to explore their options.

Owners of trucking companies and drivers can take advantage of myriad educational sessions and seminars at the convention. Educational sessions will be held on managing CSA, EOBRs and fuel management. Partners in Business will conduct workshops on leasing services and choosing the best loads. Commercial Vehicle Outlook will have a conference featuring Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff under George Bush.

Attendees from the trucking industry can enjoy themselves at the free Jamey Johnson concert or Pride and Polish’s beauty contest. Midnight Radio will provide free entertainment and offer an opportunity to win $1,000.00 cash, in addition to daily prizes. Any event will provide pleasure, but the beauty contest should not be missed. The displayed trucks are truly beautiful and can provide hours of ogling pleasure.


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