IntelliRoute TND Series GPS

IntelliRoute TND GPS from Rand McNally combines GPS navigation and real-time traffic data.

Providing real-time traffic information can help drivers find the best route, avoid traffic delays, and be more efficient with their time.  The device also features a 7” display, increased map clarity, calendar, and a notepad.  The device is centered around the way professional truck drivers use a GPS, and the features they need to plan their day.

The device also features the ability to customize your route based on your truck’s specifications and trip.  The unit will provide the best route based on truck size and weight, as well as the ability to optimize multi-stop routes for the best efficiency.  Other tools include trucking business tools that company drivers and owner operators will find useful.  These include: timers and logs, truck stop directory, state mileage breakdown, and a built in motor carriers road atlan.

"Every mile counts for drivers and unanticipated delays can impact delivery time with the current load, as well as delay or even eliminate the opportunity to pick up the next load prior to a drivers' end of day," said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally. "Providing traffic detail will give drivers control of the information, enabling the best decision given the circumstances."

The device is currently being featured at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.  For more information, and to find a location to buy the unit, visit the Rand McNally website.


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