National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The week of September 11-17, 2011 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and is recognized by the trucking companies. The special efforts of the truckers are acknowledged by everyone during this week. The truck driving jobs are challenging assignments that require dedicated people to spend lots of time away from their homes. The experienced, professional drivers are essential for transporting the loads each day. To celebrate the event, there will be a Third Annual Video Contest that is sponsored by the American Trucking Associations (ATA). And to thank the professional truckers, gifts with the NTDAW 2011 logo are available for the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

The ATA video contest submissions can be created using a flip video, cell phone, or home video camera with the emphasis of the video message to be about the essential need for truck drivers. The deadline for submission is September 21, 2011. The video contest entries can be posted to YouTube with additional entry requirements, sent to the ATA, or emailed to For reference and more detailed information, please visit

The NTDAW gifts have the 2011 logo on shirts, hats, water bottles, duffel bags, and more. The National Truck Driver Appreciation Week line of gifts information is available by emailing For reference with more information, please visit


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