National Truck Driver Awareness Week

The men and women who make deliveries across America are being honored by state associations, customers, shippers, trucking companies and local communities. The America Trucking Association (ATA) has helped organize events across the U.S. with the festivities lasting through September 17.

This week’s celebrations vary from cookouts to safe driving awards to free window cleaning at travel plazas. These celebrations also appreciate the families of the hard working truck drivers. Driving a truck is much harder without the love and support of a family, therefore, the ATA feels they should be honored too.

Government and community leaders are using this week of celebrations to hand out awards and honors to the people who have truck driving jobs. Industry executives are pounding the pavement trying to spread the word and raise awareness so every American knows that people with truck driving jobs deserve recognition. The ATA says that safe professionals deserve a “pat on the back.”

The ATA is asking amateur video connoisseurs to submit videos which show how valuable professional truck drivers are. People have until September 21st to submit entries which will be shown throughout the events that the American Trucking Association has planned. The video needs to be submitted to Youtube and should be between 1 and 2 minutes long, they accept multiple entries.

The American Trucking Association will be offering the participants of these events a bunch of official gifts including T-shirts, hats, durable steel water bottles, bags, playing cards and more. All products will have the official National Truck Driving Appreciation Week logos on them. In addition to all the gifts, free banners will be available to all organizations that help to sponsor an event near them.


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