New Automated System Cuts Fuel Costs

Volvo Trucks has developed a new system that can cut fuel consumption by five percent. Saving five percent means trucking companies will have larger profit margins and less loss. The system is called I-See and works kind of like an autopilot. I-See, in conjunction with cruise control makes sure the truck runs as efficiently as possible. While five percent may not sound like a big number, consider that an average truck may cover up to 90,000 miles in one year.

The I-See system harnesses the truck’s own forward motion to conserve fuel. This system helps to both push trucks uphill as well as aid in acceleration during downhill gradients. The system works based on topography since it is linked to the transmission’s tilt sensor. This makes the system much more accurate than a map.

I-See has six basic function scenarios depending upon gradient. First of all, the system can induce acceleration prior to inclines. Also, the system will avoid changing gears when possible, especially when close to the brow of a hill. When approaching a descent the system will not accelerate, instead letting gravity do the work. In addition, it will begin freewheeling before a descent. Finally, it will begin braking before a downhill slope terminates but also release the brakes at the end to pick up speed before the next hill.

Many truck drivers will recognize the I-See system as good driving. It is an autopilot with excellent driving skills. Trucking is a serious endeavor and utmost care must be taken by drivers for their own safety and for others on the road. This is an advantage for truckers because it allows them the freedom to focus on traffic and safety of the trip.

Gradients are what determine the capability of freewheeling. To efficiently freewheel the gradients must be judged accurately and upcoming stretches of road must be thoroughly understood. In addition to the gradients, I-See also takes into account air resistance and truck weight.

I-See shines on small hills. The system utilizes the truck’s own forward motion to be as efficient as possible, accelerating uphill and freewheeling downhill. Freewheeling over long distances becomes easier and saves money at the pump.

Like a true autopilot, I-See utilizes the cruise control and does all the gear changes, brakes and throttle. Research shows that fuel consumptions can be cut by up to five percent. With the I-See system, freewheeling is as frequent as possible. Cutting up to five percent on fuel consumption means trucking is substantially cheaper and better for the environment.

Fuel costs are not the only savings I-See users will see. Since the trucks are running so efficiently brakes are being used less and consequently are lasting longer. Tire wear is also reduced. Utilizing this system can potentially create more truck driving jobs, as companies will be saving money. Reducing wear and tear means the I-See system is good for trucking companies and good for the environment.

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