New Cab Enhancements Announced for Mack Pinnacle Series Trucks

Mack Trucks, built in America since 1907 with the "Bulldog' being one of the most recognized and respected truck-brand emblems on the road, has just announced some innovated improvements to promote driver comfort and safety. Geared toward aiding the drivers of their Pinnacle Series highway rigs in being both more comfortable and productive, these changes in the driver's cab environment are the direct result of what customers have said they would like to see added to their trucks.

According to Mack's marketing manager for the highway truck division, Jerry Warmkessel, improved driver comfort is not only critical to increasing driver retention but also a major factor affecting both productivity and safety. These new interior cab enhancements come at the back of last year's upgraded trim package and optional single-piece windshield improvements. The new changes include:

Self-cancelling turn indicators
Now standard equipment on all trucks and an option on tractors.

Improved engine brake controls
Allows drivers to easily set and maintain optimal efficiency in engine braking, with or without cruise-control engaged, when going down hills. When coupled with Mack's mDrive function, a quick press on the dashboard keypad automatically sets the engine to run in its optimum rpm range for that particular downgrade angle.

Convenient storage console
This is an optional one cubic ft. storage space inside a center-mounted console between the seats on Pinnacle Day Cab models. This lighted area includes a 12-volt power outlet and is big enough to hold large items safely and conveniently.

Remote HVAC control
This in-dash remote switch enables the driver to preset the temperature of the rear sleeping area while driving. This ensures that when it's time to pull over for a little rest that the sleeping area is at the exact temperature desired. The remote HVAC control system is a standard feature on all 60" and 70" sleeper cabs and optional equipment on 48" and 56" sleepers.

Left foot dead pedal
The addition of a pedal for resting the left foot adds to driving comfort and promotes proper, ergonomic posture while on the road. This feature reduces driver fatigue and keeps the lower back in a more healthful alignment, which every long-haul driver should appreciate.

Ambient floor lights
As an added option to all Pinnacle cabs, indirect or subtle red floor lighting can be ordered to illuminate just the driver's foot-well space or the whole floor area. Lighting can be utilized both while driving or when pulled over and it is darkroom safe so as not to negatively affect drivers' night vision.

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