New GPS Announced

Creator of some of the more popular GPS devices used by truckers, Magellan announced recently that they would display a new Fleet Management Protocol tool kit. This tool kit is designed to provide a means for interactive navigation and an information delivery system for two-way mobile. Magellan's kit also features numerous additions that truly complete fleet management.

In addition to the previously mentioned features, the Fleet Management Protocol tool kit by Magellan also offers a way for solution providers to put their own service in with the 5109T-LM and 5190T-LM GPS navigators that Magellan has developed. Additionally, using the solution will enable truckers to text to facilities, allowing them to send and receive messages to the monitoring office from the driver and vice versa.

The RoadMate GPS devices will use a special cable to connect to a Telematics transponder, which allows the Fleet Management Protocol tool kit by Magellan to offer superior connectivity between the monitoring office or dispatcher and the truck driver, such as through the aforementioned texting service.

By using the navigator, offices and drivers can frequently and easily touch base during the route and discuss when the shipments are expected to arrive and depart, when the driver reaches certain rest stops, plan itinerary and report as necessary. With this easy form of reporting, it is considerably easier to update the offices on the status of the driver.

Magellan's Associate Vice President of Product Management, Stig Pedersen, touched on the necessity for fleet managers to have instant, frequent and trusted communication with drivers during the announcement. As he stated, this step in evolution is important since it permits drivers to receive job details or update the offices for midcourse re-routing in order to deliver their shipments a scheduled.

By integrating Magellan's Fleet Management solution, says Stig, it grants professional drivers the tools necessary to be as versatile as they need to be on the route, increasing the efficiency on the road, avoiding problems with traffic and reducing the amount of gas that they need to consume for the job.

The aforementioned 5190T-LM and 5190T GPS navigators by Magellan were designed specifically for commercial business rather than home consumers; their purposes are to increase productivity, optimize safety and provide the most efficient means of business by giving drivers a touch screen display and a clear and concise speaker with the ability to provide directions up to 93 dB, making it possible to hear even in the noisiest of environments.

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