New Program in Oregon Aims to make Anti-Idling Equipment Affordable

Cascade Sierra Solutions of Eugene, Oregon — the manager of the DOE grant program — announced a $10 million Shorepower Technologies Electrification Project, otherwise known as STEP, for trucking employees and trucking companies. The STEP program offers idle reduction equipment to help those in long distance truck driving jobs reduce the amount of time that the trucks idle while the drivers are on mandated break periods.

The grant program offers the trucking industry a cost-effective way to purchase anti-idling equipment and other upgrades to reduce emissions. Devices on medium- and heavy-duty trucks that have electric standby operation may now run on battery or plug in, instead of allowing the truck to idle.

The Shorepower Technologies Electrification Project intends to equip 50 truck stop facilities with the ability for those with truck driving jobs whose trucks are equipped to “go electric.” The first 50 truck stops equipped will be in the busiest freight corridors. As of 2009, there were 21 sites in nine states, including Arkansas and Georgia. IdleAir plans to install the STEP program in other states including New Jersey and Tennessee.

Individuals in the trucking business can apply for rebates that are as much as 20 percent of the installed equipment price. Small fleet trucking companies may also apply, though the maximum number of rebates per fleet with be 25.

Cascade Sierra Solutions must pre-authorize equipment purchases for those with truck driving jobs, and will provide owner/operators with a rebate certificate before installation. The drivers selected for the rebate must agree to use the STEP project’s electrified parking where ever it is available until June 2014, once qualified for the rebate.

Equipment available for rebates include auxiliary power units, battery HVAC systems, generator sets with electric stand-by options, thermal storage systems, truck cold plate systems, battery evaporative cooler systems, trailer transport refrigeration units with electric stand-by options, and e-Hybrid transport refrigeration units with electric stand-by options.

Cascade Sierra Solutions is working with the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership, US and Oregon Department of Transportation, West Coast Collaborative and the Oregon Departments of Energy and Environmental Quality, and 40 manufacturers of green technology so that trucks may have the outreach center. With the help of Oregon State Infrastructure Bank and the Small Business Administration, and with over $5 million in initial funding, Cascade Sierra Solutions created a fund so that truckers may lease or get an SBA loan to retrofit trucks.


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