New Truck Driving Champion Named At 2012 Event

A new winner has been crowned at the 2012 Bendix National Truck Driving Championships. A truck driver for FedEx Freight named Don Logan won the Grand Championship in Minneapolis. Over 400 drivers from across the country participated in the event, which was a part of the larger “Super Bowl of Safety”. The American Trucking Association has been holding the event for the past 75 years.

Don has spent the past 25 years on the road as a truck driver, logging over 2 million miles in that time period. This year was his sixth time competing in the National Championships of Truck Driving. He first started entering state level competitions during 2006. He has also won first place in the twins competition during 2010 and the three-axle group in 2009.

Drivers were challenged to demonstrate their skills that have developed from daily driving. A special course was built in the Minneapolis Convention Center to measure their equipment and safety handling skills. Drivers had to accurately judge long distances, adjust to a tight fit, position vehicles on a test scale, reverse safely and navigate curves. Parking was also tested by the course.

Don Logan took home another win in the flatbed driving competition. He was not the only one to walk away with a first place prize. Robert Dolan of Con-way Freight took home the gold in the straight truck category, while Brent Quire of Con-way was named the top tank truck driver. Drivers from Con-way also won the twins and five-axle categories. Representatives of FedEx Express took the step van and three-axle groups.

A Rookie Of The Year was also recognized during the competition. This award goes to the most promising driver who has less than three years of experience on the road. Robert Sutton was named the Rookie Of The Year. He is a professional driver with ABF Freight System. In team scoring, Pennsylvania's state team took the highest score. Pennsylvania's drivers have won this award for 15 years.

The third major honor given to Don Logan during the event was the Vehicle Condition Award. He received this for demonstrating the highest understanding for the equipment being used. He inspected and noted the truck's condition with accuracy and care. This is a very important skill for maintaining safety and avoiding accidents.

Other awards recognized the people who helped bring the championship to life each year. Jack Taylor received a Life-Time Volunteer Award for his dedication to the event. Jack has spent the past 20 years volunteer at truck driving competitions across the country, including 14 years overseeing events at the National Championship.

Only the top professional drivers from around the country are invited to this event. Drivers must win state and regional events before receiving an invitation to compete in Minneapolis. Over 2,000 fans and family members were on site to cheer on their favorite drivers. The event is open to the public each year in the beginning of August. The American Trucking Association first created the event to educate drivers and reward them for their devotion to the industry. The rest of the “Super Safety Bowl” is made up of conferences, educational meetings and industry panels that help professionals learn more about the world of freight.

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