Oregon Increases Biodiesel to 5%

Oregon has recently announced a requirement that the majority or the diesel fuel in the state contain 5% biodiesel.  This is an increase from the 2% that is currently required throughout the state.

Biodiesel is made from renewable resources, and contains to petroleum products.  It is also a clean burning fuel source, and requires no engine modifications to run in current diesel applications.  Biodiesel is also a cleaner burning fuel than regular petroleum-based diesel, and less emissions. 

Most trucking companies have welcomed the use of biodiesel, and have found it to be an effective way to meet emissions standards.  There is no cost associated with engine modifications, so many companies can easily and quickly begin incorporating biodiesel into their applications.  Biodiesel may also be stored in regular gasoline storage facilities.

Biodiesel is compatible with existing engines, and requires no modifications to the fuel systems.  Biodiesel has been found to have a solvent effect when used in engines that have previously been run on petroleum diesel fuel.  This may cause an initial clogging of fuel filters due to the release of deposits in the tank and/or pipes. Filters should be checked and changed regularly when initially switching to biodiesel to avoid any potential issues.

The exact future of biodiesel is uncertain, but many states and trucking companies are looking at using it to decrease both emissions and dependence on foreign oil. 

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I can only hope that all the truckers out there will find it easy to comply with these requirements. In some situations though bringing the biodiesel in the equations could mean seriously shrinking their income, did anyone consider that so far?

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