Preview of the Great American Trucking Show

Semi-truck drivers and enthusiasts can head to Texas this week to visit The Great American Trucking Show. This annual festival is the country's second largest trucking show, and the convention offers exhibitions, seminars and information for trucking professionals. Anyone who drives or owns a trucking company can benefit from this yearly conference in Dallas.

Who Will Be at The Great American Trucking Show?

2012 will welcome back a host of big names in the trucking industry. For example, Bridgestone will have several different booths and appearances at this year's show. Both Wal-mart Transportation and Waste Management will have exhibition booths on the floor where professionals can learn more about the products and services of the company. However, plenty of smaller booths will appear, too. For example, the Women in Trucking group makes an appearance, and enthusiasts can show their support by purchasing t-shirts from, which has a table this year.

What's So Special About This Event?

Aside from information and shopping opportunities, this trucking convention offers plenty to see. One particular event of note is the truck beauty competition, where truck owners can show off their one-of-a-kind paint jobs and other customizations. The Pride and Polish competition pits owners against one another in the country's most unique beauty contest. Even visitors who haven't entered the competition can enjoy the artistic touch to working trucks. We're talking about designs far more intricate than racing stripes, bullet holes or ordinary flames. Some of the best artists in the industry have worked on the rigs that visitors can see at the show.

The Great American Truck Show Has Plenty to Teach

From company management to passing safety audits, the panels offered at GATS run the gamut. Truck drivers can learn what it takes to succeed in the trucking industry, and company owners can learn about emerging technologies that will help their companies run more efficiently, turn a higher profit and promote safety. Everyone from company CEOs to fleet management can benefit from the information that is available at this truck show.

Jobs Are Available, Too

Every year, the Great American Truck Shows hosts a driver recruitment event, which helps new and experienced drivers network with fleets that are looking for employees. The recruitment pavilion is the place where futures change and opportunities become available. Whether drivers want a change or are currently unemployed, GATS offers the chance to meet those goals--and all in the comfort of air-conditioning.

Does It Cost A Lot to Attend?

Not only is registration free for The Great American Truck Show, but so is on-site parking for truckers who have brought their rigs. Few conferences can boast about the convenience of their attendees. The official website for the event offers discounts for local hotels for visitors who want to stay a night or two and get the most out of the weekend trucking convention. Affordable rooms are available for less than $100 per night, while guests can upgrade to more luxurious accommodations for less than $150 per night. At the end of the weekend, GATS is a small price to pay for industry members who want to get ahead in the trucking industry.

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