Pride Installs Rand McNally Navigation

Drivers of Pride Transport's more than 300 trucks will soon be finding their way around with the help of Rand McNally's award-winning navigation software. The TruckPC is an electronic recorder that lets trucking companies keep track of navigation, driver behavior, and workflow.

The decision tightens the 20-plus year relationship between Pride Transport, a family-owned refrigerated trucking carrier in the Midwest, Rockies, West Coast, and Southwest, and Rand McNally, one of America's most trusted sources for maps, directions, and travel content.

Drivers who tested Rand McNally's navigation on their TruckPC mobile communications units said it made their truck driving jobs easier. Those positive reactions and the software's safety features motivated Pride Transport to purchase the software.

Dan DeGrazio, Pride Transport's manager of information technology, said drivers found that Rand McNally's new software was intuitive and that it was easy to switch from using IntelliRoute TND GPS products. Drivers also enjoyed the ability to exchange data between the TruckPC and the McLeod's LoadMaster software. The new software can also make truck driving jobs safer by informing drivers about speed limits and giving them 3D views of upcoming intersections.

As part of the integration of the systems, the TruckPC device sends the McLeod's software information about the trucks' location, what hours the drivers have been working, and messaging capabilities between dispatchers and drivers. These capabilities let trucking companies put together jobs with drivers who have the hours available to complete them.

The integrated trucking software systems also allow for scanning documents from the cab into the LoadMaster's image management system. As well, Rand McNally's navigation software can communicate mileage, which lets customers be billed faster and helps improve cash flow for trucking companies.

Click if you are interested in apply for a trucking job with Pride Transport.

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I used to drive for Pride before I came off the road.  One of the better companies I worked for.

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