Pryor Opposes Funding EOBR

Mark Pryor, Senator from Arkansas, joined the ranks of government officials who oppose the new agreement to allow Mexican trucks to operate within the US.Previously, Representative Peter DeFazio has expressed concerns over the arrangement.

Both representatives oppose the funding of Electronic Onboard Recorders for Mexican Trucks. As the agreement stands currently, the US government would pay for the required devices on all trucks authorized to operate in the US.

Senator Pryor stated his support for the use of EOBR units in trucks to improve safety, but did not feel it was a wise decision to fund the initiative.

Unless the agreement is changed, trucks from Mexico will have an approval process to complete before they are allowed to operate in the US. There is no limit to the number of trucks or trucking companies that can apply through this program. Once they gain authority to operate in the US, it can’t be revoked.

For further information on the agreement, read Details of the US Mexico Trucking Agreement.


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