States Increased Texting Bans

Many states are now targeting non-commercial vehicles for distracted driving legislation.

Thirty states now currently outlaw texting while driving in an effort to improve safety for all drivers.  Most recently, Alabama, Texas, Maryland, and Nevada have passed or are considering increased anti-texting legislation.  This is in addition to the bans already in place for truck drivers.

Alabama:  A bill is currently under consideration to ban sending any text messages while driving. Fines are $25 per occurrence.

Texas: Currently under review is a bill that would prohibit writing or sending text messages while operating a vehicle, but reading a text message would not be banned.  Drivers under 18 are currently banned from using a cell phone in any circumstances.

Maryland:  Previous laws in Maryland banned typing and sending messages.  The new law bans typing, sending, and reading messages.  This includes both moving and stopped vehicles with fines up to $500 for first time offenses in place.

Nevada: Current Nevada law allows police to ticket inattentive drivers.  Current legislation is being considered that would potentially ban both cell phone use (without a hands-free device) and texting while operating a vehicle.  Fines in these proposed bills range from $50 to $250 per offense.


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I agree. I’m sure the Libertarian/Tea Party peeps will be up in arms, but gonervment has to act when individuals cannot or will not.

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