Trucking Companies Counter High Fuel Prices

In order to remain financially stable, trucking companies are trying new methods to reduce fuel cost as much as possible.

One of these methods is to reduce the speed that the trucks are driving. Trucking companies are installing speed limiting devices that o limit the maximum speed that these trucks travel. This helps improve miles per gallon and reduce overall operating costs associated with fuel.

Another method trucking companies are using to combat the rising costs of gas is reducing non-essential staff and overhead expenses.  Many trucking companies are reducing their budgets for items that are not specifically critical for their shipping operations.
Trucking companies are also using tools to find the lowest price of gas at stations throughout the country. Though the difference may only be a few cents, fueling at a lower cost location can save a substantial amount of money for an entire fleet.

Another way in which truckers are doing their part in order to reduce the use of fuel is by decreasing the amounts of time that they are spent idling. A large percentage of gas expenditures each year are the direct result of idle time while the truck is not moving.  Many companies find is more efficient to install auxiliary power units or use services like IdleAir to provide heat and AC for drivers while the truck is stopped.

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