Trucking Technical Achievement Award Finalists

The Truck Writers of North America recently released their list of top finalists for their annual Technical Achievement award.  This award is given to the product that exhibits the most technical innovation and has a significant positive impact on the trucking industry for both drivers and trucking companies.

The list of this year’s finalists includes:    

HMP Thermal De-Icer from Heat Matt – the thermal de-icer is designed to keep the roofs of both tractors and trailers clear of snow and ice automatically.  Snow and ice build-up on roofs poses a potential threat to other motorists as it flies off of the truck at highway speeds.  

Wheel Torque Solutions from Alcoa and partners – the wheel torque solution seeks to improve the ease of tire changes and reducing the potential dangerous problems that may arise in changing wheels. 


14X Tandem Drive Axle from Meritor – the Meritor axle was specifically designed for high performance and the ability to handle higher-torque engines.  The trucking axle also features reduced vibration for smoother rides and extended component life.  It is also the lightest weight axle in its class.  

Bose Ride System seat – The new Bose seat was design specifically for trucking to reduce shocks and vibration from road travel.  The improved comfort from the seat reduces driver fatigue, improves driver satisfaction, and may reduce turnover for trucking companies.

This is the 20th consecutive year the Technical Achievement award will be presented. The winner will be announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

 "In 20 years as the sponsor of the trophy, we have seen the positive impact it has had across all manufacturing sectors," said John Grote, vice-president of sales and marketing for Grote Industries. "I want to praise TWNA for highlighting worthy technical advancements and for raising industry-wide awareness of the importance of technological innovation."


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