US-Canada Border Policy

US-Canadian border policy is currently being addressed by President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  The goal of the potential policy changes is to improve and promote cross border trade.  The flow of trade across the border was hampered by increases in security measures after the 9/11 attacks.

"We intend to work towards developing an integrated cargo security strategy that ensures compatible screening methods for goods and cargo before they depart foreign ports bound for Canada or the United States, so that once they enter the territory of either we can, together, accelerate subsequent crossings at land ports of entry," President Obama and Prime Minister Harper said in a joint statement.

Canadian and U.S. officials are also seeking a joint approach to beefing up infrastructure at the top 10 publicly owned ports of entry.  Improving the infrastructure should serve to ease the flow of goods between countries and decrease issues truckers face at the border.

"We have been calling upon the governments on both sides of the border to enter into a new shared, smart border agreement for some time," says Canadian Trucking Alliance president and CEO, David Bradley. "We are hopeful this process will lead to a better balance between security and trade imperatives, restores a risk management approach to the border and a meaningful return on investment in the trusted trader programs."

Any improvement in border policy should serve to make it easier for truck drivers crossing back and forth between countries and encourage trucking companies to expand shipments into their neighboring country.


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