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Traffic Congestion Costs $27 Billion Per Year

Being stuck in traffic is very expensive. In 2011, the United States commercial trucking industry incurred a cost of about $27 billion through a lot of time and fuel wasted through its drivers experiencing traffic congestion in the largest cities.

The impact of traffic congestion on the entire economy in 2011 was a loss of $121 billion through wasted time and fuel. This was an increase of $1 billion from the previous year according to Texas A & M Transportation Institute's Urban Mobility Report which was obtained by the Associated Press.

LaHood Steps Down

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced on Tuesday, January 29th his plan to resign. As a former Republican congressman from Illinois, LaHood added a bipartisan element to the Obama administration. LaHood played a large role in helping with the passage of a highway funding bill that had stalled due to disagreement between the parties. Though the current cabinet will lose a Republican member with LaHood's departure, President Obama has nominated Senator Chuck Hagel, another Republican, to be defense secretary.

Truck Tonnage Increases in December

After rising 3.9 percent as recently as November, the American Trucking Associations’ seasonally adjusted tonnage for for-hire trucks increased yet again by a staggering 2.8 percent in December. These consecutive tonnage increases were, without a doubt, the most beneficial increases of 2012. Because of this, the seasonally adjusted index showed a grand total of 121.6 (2000=100) for December as opposed to 118.3 for the previous month.

Mack To Offer Engine Overhauls

To serve those who own the MACK E7 engine better, Mack now offers owners a complete overhaul program. The program is a staple of the industry offering users with extended coverage for their warranty for an additional three years or 350,000 miles, whichever comes first. For owner operators, this could drastically reduce yur operating expenses.

There are four different solutions for those looking to restore reliability, power and efficiency to their truck:

Keys to Turnover in Trucking

In July 2012, Stay Metrics conducted several surveys to try to understand the cause behind the high rate of driver turnover among truck drivers. This research is expected to give companies an opportunity to identify issues that would make employees want to leave in an effort to eliminate the problem and keep valued drivers from resigning.

Trends in Diesel Gas Prices over Winter 2012-2013

Over the past few winter months, diesel gas prices have shown varying trends. During the many winter months, diesel has showed an upward trend in price that seems it will continue into the early winter of 2013. The national average diesel prices were at a low for 2012 in the months of June and July, and continued to raise until near the beginning of winter in September. From here, prices are dropping but they are certainly not as low as they were in the summer months.

OOIDA Looking for Court Review

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, statutes have always required a log book and hours-of-service standard to determine out-of-service criteria for truck drivers. FMCSA has always shied away from subjective determination of out-of-service conditions in favor of more concrete, quantifiable evidence.

Challenging DAC and CSA Records

Disputing a claim against your CSA or DAC report has to be approached with care and diligence. These errors can result in irreparable damage to a driver’s reputation. They could lose their jobs and find themselves in a position where getting new employment is hindered. You must move quickly if you do find errors on your driver’s CSA and DAC reports.

Plan To Privatize Ohio Turnpike Shelved

The proposal to sell or lease the Ohio Turnpike to a private operator has been shelved. Private, for-profit entities were interested in purchasing the rights to the Ohio Turnpike from the state in return for a one-time payment to be used to close a gap in the budget for funding highway projects across the state. The governor of Ohio, Republican John Kasich, is planning to meet with constituents across the state to discuss his plan to resolve the budget gap of $1.6 billion.

Thousands of Wreaths Make Their Way Across America

Last week, a trucking convoy started on a very important mission from Harrington, Maine. The mission, known as "Escort to Arlington" traveled south down the East Coast and was accompanied by the Patriot Guard Riders. Stopping at schools and veterans' homes along the journey, "Escort to Arlington" was on its way to deliver wreaths to the graves of soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery. The wreaths, totaling about 110,000, were carried by 34 volunteer drivers.

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