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Higher Standards for the Trucking Industry

American Trucking Associations (ATA) leaders testified before a Senate subcommittee recently regarding the adoption of new highway safety regulations. Among the recommendations was a requirement that new trucking companies show proof of training and pass an examination before being granted permission to operate.

Work Begins on the Transportation Reauthorization Bill

Officials in Washington have begun crafting an outline for a transportation reauthorization bill.

With the debt ceiling legislation unresolved, however, it may be some time before the details surrounding the bill are finalized. Nevertheless, Senators have begun public discussions on the bill regarding highway policy, safety, and funding.

J.B. Hunt Announces Retirements

truck driving jobs with JB Hunt

J.B. Hunt has announced a number of significant changes to its management structure.

Kansas and Wisconsin Begin Offering Idle-Reduction Grants

In a move that sends a strong and powerful message to this country's trucking community, two states are now offering grants to help truckers purchase state of the art idle-reduction equipment. These two states are Kansas and Wisconsin, however, unique to Kansas is the ability for truckers to apply for diesel grants. These 'diesel grants' may range from $5,000 to $100,000. Until the cut-off point of August 15th, Kansas is allowing applications for its diesel grant program.

Trucking Industry Has Positive Outlook in a Weak Economy

The U.S. Department of Labor released a disappointing jobs report for June, as unemployment ticked up to 9.2 percent and the private sector added an anemic 18,000 jobs. For most industries such as manufacturing and construction, this is a sign that the economic recovery is at a standstill. Yet, as the industries continued a slow crawl towards full recovery, trucking companies are reporting some gains.

Trucking In Big Reforms, How the House Plans to Overhaul Highway Laws

U.S. House of Representative John Mica, R-Fla, briefed Capitol Hill on a $230 billion Department of Transportation proposal to reauthorize the federal highway law. In compliance with the House mandate, the DOT will exclusively rely on Highway Trust Fund revenue. This equates to a 20% reduction of the current $287 billion bill.

Federal Highway Law Reauthorization: The House

US Trucking Deal with Mexico Finalized

The Mexican government has agreed to substantially reduce tariffs imposed on over $2.4 million in U.S. exports in exchange for Mexican trucking companies being authorized to haul goods into the United States. It will be the first time in 15 years that cross-border trucking will be permitted.

The signing of the agreement by the two countries will result in a 50% cut in tariffs previously applied to a range of U.S. products, including pork for which Mexico is the U.S. pork industry’s second largest market with shipments in 2010 valued at $986 million.

Heartland Express Leads with Best Relative Performance

Heartland Express was recently named one of the top performing trucking companies when it comes to financial performance.

Working for a stable and economically viable company often translates into better job security, better pay, and better benefits.  Other companies that made the top 5 list include: Hertz, JB Hunt, Werner, and Knight.

You may explore various career options with a few of the companies through this following links:

Barr-Nunn Raises Pay for Northeast Drivers

Barr-Nunn Transportation has done it again.

The company recently announced that Northeast Regional Pure Pay drivers will not only now earn $0.50 per practical mile on all miles — but they will also be home every weekend. 

“This recent pay raise from $0.49 per mile only makes sense when you are trying to hire and retain the best drivers in the industry,” says Jeff Blank, Director of Recruitment for Barr-Nunn. “Northeast regional drivers operate in the most congested area of the country day in and day out, and for this reason they should earn more.”

Legislation Would Provide Tax Credits for Safety Technology

Bills being considered by both the Senate and House of Representatives would provide tax credits for commercial vehicle owners and trucking companies that install eligible safety equipment.

Eligible safety equipment includes collision detections and alert systems, additional stability controls, lane departure warning systems, and other equipment that makes it safer to operate heavy class A trucks.

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