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Diesel Prices Fall

Oil prices continue to hover around $90 per barrel, which is good news for diesel prices for trucking companies and independent owner operators.  The average prices for diesel fuel in the US declined by $.062 per gallon.

The areas of the country with the largest decline in week over week diesel prices include:

Truck Driving Job Turnover Increases

According to a recent report by the ATA, driver turnover is increasing.

For the first 3 months of 2011, driver turnover was 75%.  This is up from 69% over the same period in 2010 for an increase of 8.6%.  An increase in turnover typically indicates that conditions are improving for drivers, and they are receiving better offers from other companies.

The Chief Economist for the ATA recently commented, "The driver market is tightening.  We hear nearly every day from fleets who cannot find enough drivers to meet demand."

App Review: Tune In Radio

There are several radio and music applications available for smart phones, but TuneIn Radio from Synsion Radio Technologies does something quite a bit different than most. In addition to the basic application being free, TuneIn Radio allows your iPhone or Android based smart phone to stream local radio stations or listen to something new. This feature makes it one of the top choices for anyone that travels frequently, such as those with truck driving jobs.

App Review: Word Lens

The Word Lens app lets a user translate words in real time by using the built in camera on his or her smartphone. Especially important to professionals who may deal with non-native clients is the ability to communicate at least enough to exchange orders. Word Lens offers them a very convenient tool to accomplish this.

Barr-Nunn Increases Speed of Safety Pay Raises

Barr-Nunn Transportation recently announced an increase in its speed of safety pay raise effective for all new Company Drivers and Owner Operators hired or leased on after 6/13/11. Drivers will now earn ½ cent per mile raises for every 40,000 safe paid miles.

I29 Detour Could Impact Trucking Companies

Recent Midwest flooding is causing problems for truckers as well as farmers throughout the Midwest.

Interstate 29 will be closed for approximately 25 miles in southwest Iowa and Northeast Missouri.  The suggested detour is to head east to I35 and continue south. 

TravelCenters of America StayFit Program

Truck drivers no longer need to accept unhealthy diets and a lack of exercise as a permanent part of their lifestyle. Thanks to an initiative launched by TravelCenters of America called StayFit, professional truck drivers will be able to receive exercise and diet tips, medical assistance, healthy eating options and even exercise at certain facilities. Both TA and Petro centers support this initiative, with healthy choices now being offered in their Iron Skillet and Country Pride restaurants.

Ice Road Truckers is Back

Ice Road Truckers is a show on the History Channel that depicts the lives of big-rig drivers traveling over ice covered roads in harsh winter conditions. The drivers risk their lives delivering supplies to residents in small towns and oil rigs in remote locations.

Missouri and Kansas Suspend Some Trucking Regulations

Kansas and Missouri have both recently issued orders suspending some trucking regulations to aid in disaster recovery for the Joplin, MO area.

Missouri has suspended HOS rules for truckers delivering essential supplies to the Joplin, MO area.  This effort is to speed relief to the area, and help deliver various supplies including relief supplies and debris removal equipment.

The ATA Releases the Truck Tonnage Index for April

The ATA Truck Tonnage Index fell by .7% for trucking companies in April.  This follows previous increases over the late fall and winter months.

The fall in this specific index does not seem to concern officials at the ATA.  Bob Costello of the ATA stated, "The drop in April is not a concern. Since freight volumes are so volatile truck tonnage is unlikely to grow every month, even on a seasonally adjusted basis,"

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