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Highway Hero Named

The Truckload Carriers Association has named Kenny Cass, an employee with FedEx Freight’s Portland operations, a Highway Angel for keeping his composure and helping for 20 critical minutes in the aftermath of an accident.

For his efforts Cass received a Highway Angel lapel pin, a certificate and a patch. He will also receive a FedEx 2012 Humanitarian Award later this year. FedEx received a certificate acknowledging one of its drivers was named a Highway Angel.

ATA Report Finds Shortage of Qualified Drivers

There is a lack of qualified and experienced drivers today, and this shortage is expected to have a large impact on the future of trucking as well. Due to this shortage, many truckload carriers are beginning to consider hiring inexperienced drivers, and they expect to have reimbursement programs in place as well so new drivers can afford to get the necessary experience to become qualified.

Trucking Fleets Manage Costs

In today’s tough economic times many sectors of industry are feeling the burden of a slow moving economy. However, some divisions are more optimistic than others. According to a survey by GE Capital, those in the transportation industry have some of the more positive projections. The first quarter 2012 study indicated that 47% chief financial officers (CFOs) for trucking companies predict increased profit margins. Both increased revenue per mile and increased shipping volume from existing customers were the main contributors to this encouraging outlook.

New Technology To Reduce Border Delays

In 2011, there were announcements about the latest partnership between the United States and Canada, Beyond the Border Action Plan.

Mesilla Valley Retrofits Trailers

The look of tractor-trailers across the country may rapidly change in coming years. Aerodynamic fairings at the rear of vehicles reduce drag, potentially cutting fuel consumption by 6.6 percent at 65 mph. ATDynamics is one if the foremost suppliers worldwide of these lightweight thermoplastic composite fairings, which can be installed in less than 45 minutes.

Trucking Industry Growth

The freight industry has been experiencing steady growth in recent years. This comes as welcome news to those within the freight transport industry since there was a decline in the industry and in truck driving jobs during the recent recession. This article will discuss how much growth is expected, how long the growth is expected to last, and the reasons behind the growth.

New Automated System Cuts Fuel Costs

Volvo Trucks has developed a new system that can cut fuel consumption by five percent. Saving five percent means trucking companies will have larger profit margins and less loss. The system is called I-See and works kind of like an autopilot. I-See, in conjunction with cruise control makes sure the truck runs as efficiently as possible. While five percent may not sound like a big number, consider that an average truck may cover up to 90,000 miles in one year.

Details of the Transportation Bill

The Senate and House passed a new highway reauthorization bill with the House voting in favor by a margin of 373 – 52, and the Senate voting in favor of the new law 74 – 19. The bill will now head to President Obama. Obama is expected to sign the bill into law.

Transportation spending is pegged to remain at current levels. The highways have been given $101.3 billion in funding for the next 27 months.

ATA Happy with New Highway Bill

In spite of an August, 2011 Appeals Court ruling against Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBRs) because they might be used to harass truck drivers, the highway safety bill passed this week mandates their use to assure compliance with more stringent hours-of-service rules. While Bill Graves of the American Trucking Associations praised the requirement, many owner-operators working in the field at truck driving jobs were vocal in their opposition.

Natural Gas and Trucking Summit Planned

Thanks to a huge surplus and improved technology, the price of natural gas is substantially lower than that of diesel. This price difference is one of the reasons natural gas is making inroads into the motor carrier industry as the alternative fuel of choice. Until now, development of the natural gas fuel industry has been rather piecemeal, but that is about to change.

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